Small scale research grants (internal)

Due to COVID-19 the Small Scale Research Grants Progarm has been suspended for the fall 2020 semester.  The program will be reevaluated in spring 2021.

The Research Support Committee has available a modest budget for supporting one-time, small-scale, research expenses that faculty cannot cover from other sources.


All research active faculty in the Department of Mathematics at University Park are eligible. (The term research active will normally cover tenured and tenure track faculty together with fixed-term faculty on multi-year appointments where research is a condition of employment; but the Research Support Committee may use its discretion as to the eligibility of an individual faculty member not covered by these conditions.)

Activities Covered

The activities to be supported must involve interaction between the Penn State faculty member and colleagues at other institutions. Expenses that may be supported include (but are not limited to) conference costs, a research trip to visit a colleague, support for a seminar visitor. No equipment may be purchased with the funds.


Proposals should be sent to the Research Support Committee ( The proposal should briefly describe:

  • the proposed activity and when it will occur,
  • the cost,
  • how the activity will benefit the research program of the recipient,
  • the people likely to be benefited by the activity in addition to the recipient, and a certification from the proposer that no other research funds are available to him/her that can cover this expense. (If the proposer holds an NSF or departmental research grant, then a brief explanation should be included of how the expense cannot be met from this source.)