Proposal for Shapiro Visitors

  • Applications, due by November 1, 2019 for Spring 2020 and March 1, 2020 for Fall 2020, should be made for outstanding mathematicians who will interact with several faculty members. The application form is at /visitors/host/shapiro.
  • The fund provides support for short-term visitors, with the usual length of stay being 4-8 weeks during the academic year. Faculty are encouraged to partially support such visits through the use of their own research funds. Visits of 3 weeks or less and summer visits will generally not be supported by the Shapiro Fund.
  • The nomination must include evidence of the visitor's expertise, the visitor's CV, a brief description of the visitor's current research interests, and the names of all faculty members with whom the visitor is expected to interact. These faculty members must also write, at minimum, a brief letter (email is fine) indicating their support for the visitor. It is important that you demonstrate in your application that the proposed visit will have a broadly beneficial impact to the department. Letters of support from other faculty, plans for seminar series, proposals for collaborations, will all be helpful here.
  • The person requesting Shapiro funds agrees to write a report (a page) on the visit as soon as it is concluded—it will be posted on a faculty web page.

    Applications for further Shapiro support from persons whose reports on earlier Shapiro visits are overdue will not be considered.

  • If you want to nominate a Shapiro visitor, please fill out the application form at /visitors/host/shapiro. Contact the Research Support Committee ( if you have questions.
  • The list of Shapiro visitors is being posted at /visitors/shapiro-visitor-program. We would be happy to post a picture of your visitor-in-action-at-Penn-State (or any other available photo) on the web page, if you provide it.