Information for Hosts

Due to COVID-19 the Shapiro Progarm has been suspended for the fall 2020 semester.  The program will be reevaluated in spring 2021.


Here are forms for requesting a visitor and information for hosting a visitor.

Requests: Because our resources are limited, it is important to request them before offering them to your visitors.

Please keep in mind that the host is responsible for the visitor.

  • Short-term visitors (includes speakers) are here less than two weeks. You need to fill out this form if you request any assistance from the staff.
  • Long-term visitors are here more than two weeks. This form is required for approving and planning their visits.
  • Shapiro visitors are distinguished faculty who commit to coming during the academic year for 4-8 weeks and to interact as broadly as possible with the Department.

Typical duties as host:

  • Fill out the appropriate form above (which arranges hotel for short-term visitors).
  • Remind visitor to make travel arrangements in advance (for low fares).
  • Pass along the web-site for visitor information at
  • Make sure to specify whether you are finding hotel accommodation or you are expecting the visitor to do it.
  • For long-term visitors: the staff is able to help find accommodation, but long-term lodging is the responsibility of the visitor.
  • Take the visitor to see the appropriate staff member who needs signatures and receipts and so on.
  • Check that a speaker's laptop/memory stick/overheads work in the seminar room well in advance of the talk. If it does not, email help.
  • Arrange a schedule for the visit.

General Information (also on the visitor information page):

  • Directions: Directions via all types of transportation are available at the University Park map page (please scroll all the way down to the bottom). Drivers should park in the HUB Deck visitor parking.
  • Campus and Local Information: The Penn State visitor page has information on maps and directions, parking, lodging, points of interest, campus tours, weather conditions, the LionCam (online campus views), and other campuses.
  • Maps:
  • State College: Information about our fair city.
  • Centre County: Information about the surrounding communities.