Chemerda Lecturers

The John M. Chemerda Lectures in Science are named in honor of John M. Chemerda, a member of the Penn State class of 1935.


Year             Speaker Title
2014 Michael Berry Limiting Physics: Optics, and Classical and Quantum Dynamics

Robert Kohn
New York University

Energy-Driven Pattern Formation
Bounds on Coarsening Rates With Examples from Materials Science and Image Processing
The Evolution of a Crystalline Surface Below the Roughening Temperature
The Internal Structure of a Cross-Tie Wall: An Example of Magnetic Pattern Formation


Peter Schultz
Scripps Institute

An Expanding Genetic Code
2004 Ewine van Dishoeck
University of Leiden, Netherlands

Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Observations of Gas and Dust in Star- and Planet-Forming Regions: Ice Cold and Steaming Hot  


John Nash
Princeton University

Ideal Money and Asymptotically Ideal Money
2002 Carla Shatz
Harvard University
Dynamic Interplay Between Nature and Nurture in Brain Wiring
2001 Anton Zeilinger
Institut fur Experimentalphysik, Universitat Wien, Austria
Quantum Teleportation and the Nature of Physical Reality
2000 Luis Caffarelli
University of Texas at Austin
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: A Geometric Perspective
1999 Patrick Brown
Stanford University Medical School
A Microscope for Watching a Genome in Action
1998 Gabor Somorjai
University of California, Berkeley
1997 Laszlo Babai
University of Chicago
Paul Erdos (1913-1966): His Century, His Mathematics
1996 Laurence Hurst
Churchill College
The Evolutionary Genetics of Darwinian Genomics
1995 Freeman Dyson
The Institute for Advanced Study
Tolstoy's War and Peace as a Guide to Recent History
1994 Persi Diaconis
Harvard University
The Search for Randomness
1993 Jozef Schell
Max Planck Institute fur Zuchtungsforschung, Germany
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
1992 Leo Kadanoff
University of Chicago
Structure and Disorder: Lectures on the Foundation of Chaos
1991 Vaughan F. R. Jones
University of California, Berkeley
Knots and Braids in Mathematics, Physics, and Biology
1990 Richard C. Lewontin
Harvard University
Contingency and Necessity in Evolutionary Change
1989 Leon Lederman
University of Chicago / Fermi National Lab
Particles, Cosmology, and Science Education
1988 Robert E. Tarjan
Princeton University
Efficient Combinatorial Algorithms
1987 J. Michael Bishop
University of California / Medical Center of San Francisco
Cancer: Metaphor at Bay
1986 Robert J. P. Williams
Oxford University
The Role of Metal Ions in Living Systems
1985 Richard M. Karp
University of California, Berkeley
Computational Complexity, Combinatorics, and Randomness
1984 Richard D. Alexander
University of Michigan
1983 Roger Penrose
Oxford University
1982 Charles L. Fefferman
Princeton University
1981 Leroy E. Hood
California Institute of Technology
1980 Arthur L. Schawlow
Stanford University
1979 Mark Kac
Rockefeller University
1978 Wylie W. Vale
The Salk Institute
Edward M. Purcell
Harvard University
Julius Axelrod
National Institutes of Health