Guidelines for Undergraduate Proctors

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Sign-up Information

The sign-up sheet is on the counter at the window located in 104 McAllister Building. You may sign up for one exam per day for regular exams and multiple exams during Final exam week.  When signing up to proctor, please use a pencil only so that changes can easily be made if you cannot proctor at that time. Print clearly your name and e-mail in the highlighted areas only on the sign up sheet (that is where proctors are needed). An e-mail will be sent to all hired proctors when the schedule is complete and ready for proctors to sign up for exams. Please be sure to note the time, date, and location of each exam you are registering. You will receive an e-mail prior to remind you of the exam(s) assignment. In some cases, proctors will be asked to pick up exam packets before 3pm on the day of the exam.

Instructions Regarding the Night of the Exam

You will need to arrive at each examination at least 15 minutes before the exam is given so that you can get the exams prepared for distribution. For exams that have multiple forms, such as A, B, C, D, you will be asked to arrive at the assigned room 20-25 minutes before the exam begins so that you can inter-leaf the exams according to the instructions inside the exam package. It is extremely important that you read the proctor instructions carefully as they explain how these exams are to be distributed. Each exam package will contain the exams, and scantrons if being used.

Types of Exams

The following lists the types of exams you may be proctoring:

Regular Midterm Exams: 6:30-7:45pm

You must arrive to the exam room as instructed above. You are responsible for helping the instructor hand out the exams. You must also help to watch the students during the exam, which includes walking up and down the rows. You are not to work on homework or read a book or do anything else that detracts from your ability to observe the students taking the exam. Once the exam is completed, you are to assist in the collection of the exams and the checking of student IDs. Note that some instructors may have their own way of conducting the exam; in that case, follow their instructions.

Conflict Midterm Exams: 5:05-6:20pm

Note that students cannot leave the examination room before 6:25pm. They are made aware of this fact prior to the examination in a variety of ways, including in their syllabi (for some classes) and on the sign-up sheet for the conflict.

Proctors conduct these conflict exams on their own. You are responsible for being at the exam room early, handing out the exams and Scantron answer sheets, if any, and after the exam has started, watching the students closely. You will want to write the time on the blackboard and change it at 15-minute intervals so the students know how much time remains for them to complete the exam. It is best not to audibly give the time remaining, as this can distract the students. When the time is up, have the students remain seated as you collect all materials from them and check their picture IDs. There is also a student signup sheet for the students to fill in. It is best to take the sheet to each student and have them sign it. Sometime during the exam, usually between 5:30 and 6:00pm, an instructor of the course will stop by to see if the students have any questions. As a final item, count the number of students in the room and count the number of exams handed in before dismissing the students.

After the exam is over, the proctor is responsible for delivering the completed conflict exams to a designated room and/or instructor of the course. The name of the instructor and room location will be written on the bottom of the cover sheet on the conflict exam package.

Final Exams
Final exams are handled in a similar fashion to the midterm exams. The regular final exams are 110 minutes long. Conflict final exams are given on a different day than the regular final exam and are proctored by an instructor of the course.

Other Items of Importance

Extended time students: These students take the midterm exams during the 6:30-8:25pm timeframe on the same day as the regular midterm exam. They may not need to use the full amount of time to take the exam, but proctors are paid as if they were there for the full time. Exam pick-up is required.

We realize things come up unexpectedly and you may not be able to proctor an exam for which you sign up for. Please let us know at least 24 hours prior to the exam if by chance you need to cancel, so that we can find someone else to proctor. It is critical that you contact us in advance if you must cancel a proctoring commitment, as we cannot afford to have an examination room without a proctor. You are responsible for following these instructions closely.


  • Proctors are wage payroll workers and need to complete and sign a bi-weekly time sheet. (Guidelines will be provided when appointments are made.)
  • Proctors can view their pay information by going to and clicking on ESSIC.


TO APPLY:  Please click the link above "Go to the Application".  Once on the PSU Job Opportunities page choose UNIVERSITY PARK CAMPUS (under Campus/Location) and then click the bullet beside PART TIME and/or TEMPORARY JOBS, and click "Update Results", scroll down to the job number link to obtain the job description and to "Apply Online".  When applying please use your PSU email address.


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