Math Minors


Requirements for the Mathematics Minor

1)  Take all of the following:

MATH 140 - 4 credits

MATH 141 - 4 credits

2)  Select 6-8 credits from the following: 

MATH 220 - 2 credits

MATH 230 - 4 credits

MATH 231 - 2 credits

MATH 232 - 2 credits

MATH 250 - 3 credits

MATH 251 - 4 credits

MATH 310 - 3 credits

MATH 311W - 3 credits

MATH 312 - 3 credits

3)  Select 12 credits from 400-level MATH courses

  • Students must receive a grade of C or higher in all the courses in the minor. 


  • To graduate with a minor, you must be accepted in the minor before the late drop deadline of your last semester.


  • To declare the mathematics minor, search for the Minor Declaration Application on LionPATH. Here is a tutorial.


Speaking With a Math Advisor:

Until future notice, in-person advising appointments will not occur due to COVID-19.  The advisors have set up Starfish advising times for general advising, which are open to all students (not just our assigned advisees). Students outside of Math can schedule an appointment with us by going to Starfish, selecting Services, and searching for "Science - Mathematics Advising (MTHBS, MTHBA)".

If you have questions about making an appointment with a mathematics advisor, please email the Undergraduate Mathematics Office at  Here is the link to Starfish.

Quick Question Appointments:

For the first week of classes, Math Department advisors will have Quick Question appointment slots in Starfish for matters that do not require a full 30-minute advising appointment. Math majors should schedule Quick Question appointments with their assigned advisor. Students who are not in the Math major or are not assigned a Math advisor may schedule with any advisor.

Acceptable topics for quick question appointments

  • Checking that your Fall 2020 semester schedule is appropriate

  • Checking that your Fall 2020 graduation requirements are met

  • Adding/Dropping a course

  • Questions about prerequisites

  • Registration questions

Unacceptable topics for quick question appointments

  • Change of major

  • Adding a major/minor

  • Jobs/Internships

  • Study Abroad

  • 4-year plans

  • Anything that will take longer than 15 minutes

Quick questions via email:

It may be more convenient for you to send quick questions via email rather than schedule an appointment. Math majors should email advising questions to their assigned advisor. Otherwise:

  • Questions about the Math major should go to Dr. Steven Hair (

  • Questions about the Math minor should go to Dr. David Little (

  • Questions about Math course content should go to Dr. Cheryl Hile (

  • Questions about grader and proctor positions or Credit by Exam should go to Katie Miller (

  • Other questions (for example, course prerequisites, transfer course evaluation, course equivalencies, independent study, tutoring and learning support) should go to