About Us

Rules of procedure

We are "Penn State Chapter of SIAM", which is a student organization under SIAM.

Here is a detailed rule of procedure: rules of procedure. It is not short so please allow me to summarize it.

Our aims are:

  • Develop students’ interest in applied mathematics problems;
  • Encourage students to share ideas and collaborate;
  • Help students explore career opportunities;

Planned activities are:

  • Regular student seminars
  • Talks given by Penn State faculties or outside members
  • Tours to labs
  • Working with other SIAM chapters to plan regional meetings

We have only one membership, "student membership". There is no membership fee.

We will have a president, a vice president, a secretary/treasurer. The election is open to all chapter members.

Chapter officers have meetings at the beginning and the end of each semester. SIAM will provide (part of) chapter funds and the treasurer need to submit financial report to SIAM.

These rules may be amended with the approval of SIAM.

The chapter may be terminated if there has been no activity for one year. (oh, no, this will never happen).