Partial Differential Equations at PSU

Faculty (with a major interest in PDE )


  • Leonid Berlyand, Professor. Nonlinear PDEs. Variational problems in materials science, biology, and chemistry. Multiscale analysis and homogenization theory.
  • Alberto Bressan, Eberly Chair Professor, an ICM 2002 plenary speaker. Hyperbolic conservation laws, nonlinear wave equations. Hamilton-Jacobi equations in optimal control theory and differential games.
  • Diane Henderson, Professor. Fluid mechanics, nonlinear waves.
  • Kris Jenssen, Professor, NSF Career Awardee. Hyperbolic PDEs, conservation laws gas dynamics. Compressible flow, stability of multi-dimensional fronts.
  • Chun Liu, Professor. Complex fluids, liquid crystals. Variational approaches to problems in biology and physiology.
  • Anna L. Mazzucato, Professor. Fluid mechanics, elasticity, inverse problems.
  • Toan T. Nguyen, Professor. Fluid dynamics, Systems of conservation laws. Kinetic theory. Traveling wave solutions, Viscous shock waves. Boundary layers.
  • Victor Nistor, Professor. PDEs on singular spaces, numerical analysis, financial mathematics.
  • Alex Novikov Professor. Advection-diffusion equations, homogenization.
  • Wen Shen, Associate Professor. Hyperbolic conservation laws, with applications to granular flow and oil recovery. Numerical methods for conservation laws. Optimal control and differential games.
  • Yuxi Zheng, Professor. Hyperbolic conservation laws, nonlinear waves. Gas dynamics, liquid crystals. Two-dimensional Riemann problems. PDEs of mixed type.

Other faculty members with significant interest in PDEs are: Andrew Belmonte (pattern formation, complex fluids), Qiang Du (computational and applied mathematics), Luen-Chau Li (integrable systems, mathematical physics), Jenny Li (mathematical economics and finance), and the group working on numerical analysis: Jinchao Xu, Ludmil Zikatanov, Xiantao Li, and James Brannick.


Courses -- Fall 2016

  • Math 513: Partial Differential Equations I (Leonid Berlyand)
  • Math 597D: Partial Differential Equations III (Alberto Bressan)

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