Seminar on Mathematics in the Bio and Geo Sciences (2011)

A new seminar focused on mathematical problems arising
in various areas of biology or the geophysical sciences (or both),
held in 106 McAllister Building.

Seminar on Mathematics in the Bio and Geo Sciences (2011)
31 Aug 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterFrancesco CostanzoThe misuse of the Laplace Law for estimating stiffness of biological vessels and an alternative method
14 Sep 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterMelik DemirelBioinspired directional fluidics
21 Sep 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterDerek ElsworthComplex process feedbacks related to energy recovery and the sequestration of energy wastes
28 Sep 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterWill HancockNanoscale stepping dynamics of the molecular motor kinesin
05 Oct 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterSteven SchiffClimate drives infant hydrocephalus in East Africa
19 Oct 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterEric ForgostonThe optimal path to epidemic extinction
02 Nov 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterJohn FricksBridging scales in molecular motor models: from diffusing heads to multiple steps
09 Nov 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterDiane HendersonRecovering the water-wave profile from pressure measurements
16 Nov 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterDan ThompsonTopological pressure and a priori coding sequence density estimation in the human genome
07 Dec 2011 1:00pm - 2:00pm106 McAllisterTong QiuSmoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulations of geomaterials
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