A kinetic approach to active rods in confined domains

Geometry Luncheon Seminar

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Speaker: Mykhailo Potomkin, Mykhailo Potomkin

Abstract: Many known rod-like micro-swimmers, for example bacteria, spermatozoa, or bio-mimetic chemically driven particles, are active, that is, they exhibit autonomous directed motion. While dynamics of such active rods away from confinements can be described by the classical Fokker-Planck equation, description of their near-boundary distribution is a challenge: trajectories of active rods are largely affected by presence of confinements, exhibiting accumulation and upstream swimming. In this talk, I will present results on multi-scale analysis of the hierarchy of kinetic models, which are based on the Fokker-Planck equation and successfully capture dynamics of active rods in confined containers. In the end of the talk, I will discuss some open problems in this field.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 114 McAllister

Date: 10/16/2019

Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm