SRB and $u$-Gibbs measures for Uniformly and Partially Hyperbolic Attractors

Dynamics Student Seminar

Meeting Details

For more information about this meeting, contact Kristin Berrigan, Alp Uzman.

Speaker: Nawaf Alansari, Penn State

Abstract: In this talk, we will introduce SRB measures and $u$-Gibbs states for $C^2$ diffeomorphisms with uniformly hyperbolic and partially hyperbolic attractors. Since this is the simplest case possible, we will try to give a detailed treatment of the construction of $u$-Gibbs states and SRB measures using the geometric push-forward method, introducing along the way some central ideas in smooth ergodic theory (distortion estimates, absolute continuity of holonomy maps, accessibility classes, ...etc). This is going to be the first of a series of talks about the theory of SRB measures.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 106 McAllister

Date: 01/24/2019

Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm