An equivariant pushout structure of the Vaksman-Soibelman quantum odd spheres

GAP Seminar

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For more information about this meeting, contact Ping Xu, Nigel Higson, Mathieu Stiénon, Kendra Stauffer, Matthew Peddie.

Speaker: Piotr M. Hajac, IMPAN

Abstract: Presenting the C*-algebras C(S^2n+1_q) and C(B^2n_q) of the Vaksman-Soibelman quantum (2n+1)-sphere and the Hong-Szymanski quantum 2n-ball as graph C*-algebras, we unravel a U(1)-equivariant pullback structure of the former. As a main application, we prove that the generators of the even K-group of the quantum complex projective space CP^n_q are given by the Milnor connecting homomorphism applied to the (unique up to sign) generator of K_1(C(S^2n-1_q)) and by the generators of K_0(C(CP^n-1_q)). (Joint work with Francesco D'Andrea and Mariusz Tobolski.)

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 320 Whitmore

Date: 02/06/2018

Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm