Kontsevich's formality quasi-isomorphism is "demystified"

GAP Seminar

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Speaker: Vasily Dolgushev, Temple University

Abstract: Back in 1997, Maxim Kontsevich proved that the algebra of polydifferential operators on a smooth manifold is formal (i.e. quasi-isomorphic to its cohomology). The known constructions of Kontsevich's formality quasi-isomorphism involve "transcendental" tools: the original construction, due to Kontsevich, is based on the configuration space integral, while Tamarkin's construction involves Drinfeld's associator. In my talk, I will describe an explicit recursive construction whose output is a formality quasi-isomorphism for polydifferential operators defined over rationals. My talk is based on the paper http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.6733.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 104 Osmond Building

Date: 04/04/2017

Time: 2:35pm - 3:30pm