Towards Shock-Free Periodic Solutions for the Euler Equations

Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Meeting Details

For more information about this meeting, contact Kris Jenssen, Hope Shaffer, Yuxi Zheng.

Speaker: Robin Young, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Abstract: In this ongoing collaboration with Blake Temple, we attempt to prove the existence of periodic solutions to the Euler equations of gas dynamics. Such solutions have long been thought not to exist due to shock formation, and this is confirmed by the celebrated Glimm-Lax decay theory for 2x2 systems. However, in the full 3x3 system, multiple interaction effects can combine to slow down and prevent shock formation. In this talk I shall describe the physical mechanism supporting periodicity, analyze combinatorics of simple wave interactions, and develop periodic solutions to a ``linearized'' problem. These linearized solutions have a beautiful structure and exhibit several surprising and fascinating phenomena. I shall also discuss our attempts to prove that these solutions perturb: this leads us to problems of small divisors and KAM theory.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 106 McAllister

Date: 12/05/2008

Time: 3:35pm - 4:25pm