Alternating evolution, flux approximation and the level set method

Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium

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Speaker: Hailiang Liu, Iowa State University

Abstract: In this talk I shall present some recent results on computational methods for convection-dominated problems. They include the alternating evolution (AE) method for hyperbolic conservation laws, the direct discontinuous Galerkin (DDG) method for diffusion as well as the field space based level set method for computing multi-valued solutions to the Euler-Poisson equation. For each method I shall highlight the essential physical step --- a step in which physics is incorporated into the method via a pre-modeling procedure. Once physics is built in, the rest is purely of numerical nature: standard techniques such as local enforcements and high-order reconstructions suggested in the literature can be well applied. Numerical experimental results are also presented. This talk is based on several recent works joint with Haseena Ahmed, Zhongming Wang and Jue Yan at the Iowa State University.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 106 McAllister

Date: 03/28/2008

Time: 3:35pm - 4:25pm