Projective volume forms and BV quantization

GAP Seminar

Meeting Details

For more information about this meeting, contact Ping Xu, Mathieu Stiénon, Nigel Higson.

Speaker: Owen Gwilliam, UC Berkeley

Abstract: We will introduce the main ideas of the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism in the setting of finite-dimensional smooth manifolds, where the formalism is just a rearrangement of familiar constructions. We'll then extend to the setting of Lie algebroids, introduce the idea of a projective volume form, and explain how BV quantization produces a projective volume form. Finally, we will explain how the Witten class provides an example of a projective volume form on a derived manifold. If time somehow remains, we'll describe how Costello actually builds the relevant quantum field theory.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number: 106 McAllister

Date: 10/15/2013

Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm