2010 Workshop in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics


Semi-annual Workshop in Dynamical

Systems and Related Topics

The 21st Fall meeting of the Workshop in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

will take place on

October 21 - 24, 2010.

All lectures will be at the Mathematics Department (McAllister building)

at the Penn State University Park

This workshop first met at Penn State University in the spring of 1991. It has been hosted by Penn State University each fall since then, and each spring since 1992 by the University of Maryland, and is jointly sponsored by the two institutions. The basic funding of the workshop is provided by an NSF grant. Additional funding for this meeting, is provided by the Center for Dynamics and Geometry at Penn State.



Renormalization for 2-dimensional Henon maps


Mikhail Lyubich, Stony Brook

Marco Martens,  Stony Brook


Stability and instability in Hamiltonian systems and on Arnold diffusion


Joseph Galante,  Maryland

Marian Gidea, Northeastern Illinois University

Marcel Guardia, PSU

Rafael de la Llave, UT Austin

Jinxin Xue, Maryland (visiting PSU)

Ke Zhang, Field Institute and University of Torono

Yong Zheng, Maryland



Aaron Brown, Tufts

Vaughn Climenhaga, Maryland

Amadeu Delshams, Univesity Polytechnica Catalunia www.math.psu.edu

Giovanni Forni, Maryland                                                  

Svetlana Jitomirskaya, UC Irvine

Viorel Nitica, University of West Chester

Leonid Polterovich, University of Chicago

Nessim Sibony, Orsay, (visiting University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

John Smillie, Cornell

Alfonso Sorrentino, Cambridge

Daniel Thompson, PSU

Rodrigo Trevino, Maryland

Zhenqi Jenny Wang, Yale