2004 Workshop in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

Semi-annual Workshop in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics


Fall 2004 Workshop October 14-17, Penn State University
October 14: 122 Heritage Hall at the HUB-Robeson Center
October 15: 111 Wartik Laboratory
October 16-17: 110 Wartik Laboratory

This is the 15th Penn State meeting in the series of regular meetings dedicated to recent results in the theory of smooth dynamical systems, ergodic theory, symbolic dynamics, topological dynamics, Hamiltonian mechanics and related areas in differential geometry, differential equations, Lie theory and partial differential equations, and is sponsored by Penn State and the University of Maryland. It is intended to provide a focus of activities and a meeting place primarily for mathematicians from the northeast region working in this field.

The workshop will feature a special session on MEASURE RIGIDITY and the whole day session on RIEMANNIAN AND METRIC GEOMETRY on Sunday, October 17.  


The workshop is funded by the National Science Foundation and The Center for Dynamics and Geometry at Penn State.

Participants will stay at the Sleep Inn and Days Inn Hotels .

The conference organizers are Anatole Katok and Svetlana Katok.  The conference staff assistant is Hope Shaffer. To request further information about participating in the workshop and/or giving a talk, please send email to shaffer@math.psu.edu.

If you decided to participate in the conference, please, retrieve the Registration Form, fill it out, and email it to shaffer@math.psu.edu.