Travel Reimbursements

Reimbursements can be obtained when travel was made for University business.

See here to fill out the Travel Reimbursement On-line Request form for Department Staff. 

TSN (Travel Safetly Network) confirmation needed if out of country travel including Canada.



  • Complete employee travel worksheet.
  • Must have receipts for all expenses with the exception of meals.
  • Airfare itinerary is needed as proof of travel (when applicable).
  • Financial Office will complete travel in ERS (Employee Reimbursement System) which will then need to be submitted by employee through ERS. Travel policy can also be found in ERS.


  • Host should fill out the correct visitor form before the visitor’s arrival, and the appropriate staff member will contact host of procedure.

Modes of Travel


PSU Approved Vendors

  • PSU Travel, Travel Services Online (can use p-card or personal card)

When using non-PSU approved vendors:

  • Must use personal credit card.
  • Airfare must be less than TravelOnLion rates.
  • A printout (comparison) showing the higher TravelOnLion fares must be printed the same day as the purchased trip and turned in to the Financial Office.

Other reminders regarding travel:

  • When combining business with personal travel a comparison needs printed to show business dates only. Also if personal travel is out of country and is more than 25% of time, taxes will be applied to employee.
  • If not leaving from State College and mileage is being requested you must provide a comparison showing leaving State College is a higher price.
  • When travel is out of country, must enter information in TSN (Travel Safety Network) and obtain approval for reimbursment.

Rental Car

PSU Approved Vendors

Personal Vehicle

  • Current mileage rate is $0.58