Staff Job Description

Office Staff Job Descriptions

  • Jessica Allen

    Prepares and processes all financial forms. Processes wage appointments and payroll. Screens and assigns graders. Assists in coordinating facilities / telecommunication needs. Assists in preparing grant proposals.

  • Barbara Baum

    Secretary to George Andrews and Nigel Higson. Assists with journal work. Types correspondence. Makes travel arrangements. Coordinates and prepares articles for the departmental newsletter. Coordinates and prepares some departmental award nominations.

  • Ann Brunner

    Provides information to students and faculty regarding the Undergraduate Program, maintains schedule of classes, and web pages.

  • Tammy Coval

    Provides information to students and faculty regarding the Undergraduate Program. Process add / drop forms, solve student problems. Assist undergraduate staff assistants and exam staff assistants as well as types technical papers and examinations as directed by the supervisor. Contacts publishers, orders, and distributes textbooks. Prepares and distributes teaching evaluation forms.

  • Flossie Dunlop

    Assists the Director of the MASS Program and REU Program. Assists with recruiting efforts. Provides information, procedures, and requirements for the MASS Program and REU Program. Coordinates MASS seminars and all departmental seminars and colloquia. Assists with departmental lectures. Serves as second backup for the receptionist.

  • Robin Enderle

    Serves as department receptionist. Processes faculty recruiting applications. Types correspondence, reports, forms, letters of
    recommendation, vitas, etc. Coordinates and types faculty activity reports. Assists the administrative assistant with various projects. Updates departmental directory and update campus address / telephone number. Maintains supplies. Processes incoming and outgoing mail for McAllister.

  • Linda Fisher

    Secretary to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Provides information and requirements regarding the Undergraduate Program. Works closely with Math majors. Assists with recruiting efforts. Distributes and collects grade sheets. Updates Undergraduate Handbook, Undergraduate Baccalaureate Degree Programs Bulletin.

  • Becky Halpenny

    Assists the Director of Graduate Studies. Assists with recruiting efforts. Provides information and requirements regarding Graduate Program. Assists with the scheduling of 500-level and special topics courses. Prepares and processes letters of recommendations for graduate students.

  • Mary Anne Raymond

    Responsible for the general management of the department offices. Act as personnel coordinator for the department. Oversees faculty recruiting, hiring, visas, promotion and tenure dossiers, second and fourth year reviews, leaves of absence, faculty activity reports, departmental committees, and departmental communications. Coordinates departmental events and departmental development efforts. Schedules appointments for Department Head.

  • Mari Royer

    Assists Department Head and Administrative Assistant with various projects including all types of dossiers and sabbatical leaves. Assists with Departmental newsletter and award nominations. Processes J1 visa paperwork for new hires and long-term visitors. Assists with H1 visa paperwork. Maintains departmental databases and informational lists.

  • Hope Shaffer

    Secretary to Anatole Katok, Jinchao Xu, and Andrew Belmonte. Coordinates departmental conferences. Assists with journals. Coordinates office space and other details for visitors. Works with the Commonwealth College faculty. Serves as backup for the receptionist.

  • Amy Stover

    Maintains financial records and prepares financial reports. Prepares and processes fixed term appointments and paperwork. Processes faculty leave paperwork. Assists faculty in the preparation of research proposals. Coordinates building maintenance and repairs. Coordinates telecommunication requirements and property inventory tagging of equipment. Processes key requests and maintains key files.

  • Kathy Zekan

    Types, processes, packages, and distributes exams. Works closely with course coordinators. Train, assign and verify proctor hours. Schedule signups for makeups, conflict and disability exams.