Teaching Requirements and Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave for tenure-line faculty is governed by University Policy HR-17. This note describes departmental policy about how departmental teaching requirements are affected by a period of University-approved sabbatical leave.

  • In the event of a sabbatical lasting an entire academic year, the whole departmental teaching requirement applying to that academic year will be waived.
  • In the event of a one-semester sabbatical, the faculty member's teaching requirement for the other semester will be as described in the following table:
If normal annual teaching requirement is... Then one-semester teaching requirement will be...
9 credits or fewer Two-thirds of normal annual teaching requirement
9-12 credits 6 credits
12 credits or more One-half of normal annual teaching requirement

This policy was adopted by the Department 2/16/2007.  (Revised 2/29/2012)