Teaching Buy-outs (Tenure Line Faculty)

Teaching Buy-Out Policy


1. With the consent of the Department Head, tenure-line faculty members may use available research funds to reduce their teaching requirement.  The amount of such reduction will not normally exceed 3 credits in a given academic year.  Buyouts will be approved only when clearly appropriate to the responsibilities and commitments of the faculty member involved and when they will not negatively impact student learning or progress.

2. The research funds will be applied to the faculty member’s salary in such a way as to yield salary savings to the Department of 5% of the faculty member’s salary per credit bought out.

3. It should be noted that University general funds may be applied directly to faculty salaries.  However, external research funds applied to faculty salaries will attract fringe and overhead deductions.  For this reason, the cost to external research funds of a buy-out arrangement will exceed the salary savings generated.  The 5% figure applies to the salary savings generated.  It is the responsibility of the faculty member to determine the actual cost to research funds and to budget appropriately.

College of Science guidelines on buyouts

JR 6/29/2007