Pretenure Faculty Teaching Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the teaching assignments of tenure-track faculty are planned to give the most effective presentation of their instructional abilities to the promotion and tenure process.


1.         Before the beginning of the period of appointment of a new faculty member, the department head will contact him or her to discuss the teaching assignment for the first semester of the appointment.  The department head will schedule the teaching for the new faculty member.  Normally, the first teaching assignment will be an upper-division undergraduate course, or a graduate course.


2.         During the first semester, the new faculty member will consult with the associate head for faculty development.  They will write a plan for the teaching to be carried out by the new faculty member during his or her period on the tenure track. This plan will take into account the interests and skills of the new faculty member; the need to demonstrate instructional excellence across a spectrum of undergraduate courses; and other facts that may influence student perceptions of the faculty members teaching.


3.         This plan will be reviewed annually by the faculty member and the associate head for faculty development.


4.         Teaching for tenure-track faculty members will be scheduled in accordance with the plans to be developed under 2 and 3 above.

September 2003