Policy on Crediting Departmental Research Funds

  1.  Commitments to support a “research fund” (really a cost center) should be documented and recorded on the attached form along with copies of supporting letters.
  2.  The committed sums should be transferred into the cost center at the beginning of each fiscal year.  (The Financial Officer’s annual calendar should specify a date on which the budget transfer requests should be made; the FO should then follow up as needed to ensure that the requested transfers are carried out.
  3.  The FO should ensure that Dean’s Office records are consistent with ours about any Dean’s Office commitments to research funds.  S/he should follow up as needed to ensure that the sums specified under the dean’s commitments are transferred to the appropriate cost centers.
  4.  Unspent balances in funds designated to individuals or research groups should be rolled over at the end of the financial year.
  5.  Seminar funds (designated by SEM in cost center code) are intended for expenditure in the year that they are allocated.  A maximum of $1000 in seminar funds may be rolled over to the next year.  Amounts in excess of this should be returned.  Where a return is made from a seminar fund supported jointly by Dean and Department, the amount returned to each should be apportioned according to their relative contribution.
  6.  Commitments once made should be honored.  It is the responsibility of the FO and the participating faculty member jointly to check that the appropriate amounts are credited to the fund each year. Retrospective adjustments will not be made.


(A printable PDF version of the form is attached)