Faculty Exchanges with Peking University


The Memorandum of Agreement between Peking University and Penn State University provides for the possibility of faculty and graduate student exchanges.  (Undergraduate student exchanges are also envisaged, but the MOA contains no detail.)  This document sets out the terms and administrative arrangements for exchanges between PSU Mathematics Department and PKU School of Mathematical Sciences.

Faculty Exchanges

1.       The following language from the MOA governs faculty exchanges:

a.       Exchange of professors and other related personnel will be for the purpose of exchanging scientific and teaching experience, giving lectures, joint proposal, teaching courses, interactions for joint research projects, thesis supervision of joint students, and participation in conferences, symposia, and post-graduate courses. The teaching load of the visiting professors will be credited toward their teaching responsibility at their home institutions. The amount of teaching credit will be made equivalent among the exchange professors. The exchange of specific faculty members will be approved by the home department, in consultation with the host department.

b.      In general, each institution will pay travel expenses for its personnel. Local expense and medical care are provided by the host institution. When a stipend is provided by the host institution, the living expenses and fees for medical insurance will be paid by the visiting personnel from the stipend.

2.       This is an exchange program; therefore, in order for faculty visits to be included, they should be arranged in pairs (visit of PSU faculty member to PKU and visit of PKU faculty member to PSU).  Either member of the pair may occur first.

3.       The following financial arrangements will apply:

a.       The department will create a cost center (PKU EXCHANGE) through which the finances of the program will be managed. The cost center will receive an annual transfer from department general funds at a rate determined by the department head. Exchange arrangements may only be entered into consistent with this budget.

b.      When a faculty member from PSU travels to PKU to teach a course as part of the exchange program:

                                                                           i.       the cost of replacement teaching (equal to the number of credits that the faculty member is credited for teaching a course in PKU) shall be charged to the PKU EXCHANGE cost center;

                                                                         ii.      The travel costs of the faculty member are to be paid from his/her research funds or appropriate grants.

c.       When a faculty member from PKU travels to PSU to teach a course as part of the exchange program:

                                                                           i.      the value of the teaching carried out at Penn State by the PKU faculty member shall be credited to the PKU EXCHANGE cost center;

                                                                         ii.      the PKU faculty member shall receive a temporary appointment with stipend sufficient to cover living expenses and medical insurance (it is open to the PSU host to supplement this level of stipend using available research funds, if s/he wishes to do so);

                                                                        iii.      the cost of said stipend shall be divided equally between the PKU EXCHANGE cost center and research funds/grants controlled by the PSU faculty exchange partner;

                                                                       iv.      The PSU faculty exchange partner shall assist the PKU faculty member in preparing to deliver a high quality teaching experience.  In the event of difficulty, the PSU partner will provide additional assistance, including replacement teaching if required.

d.      If an exchange arrangement expires incomplete (i.e., if one visit has been made but the other will not take place within a reasonable period) the following arrangements will apply:

                                                                           i.      If the Penn State faculty member has visited PKU but a return visit will not take place, then his/her visit to PKU shall be treated under the department’s policy on absences other than for sabbatical leave.  This means in particular that the credits taught in PKU will not be counted as part of the Penn State faculty member’s teaching obligation.

                                                                         ii.      If the PKU faculty member has visited Penn State but a return visit will not take place, then his/her visit to Penn State shall be treated under standard departmental visitor policies.  In this case, the full cost of the stipend, less the assessed value (at the standard per credit rate) of the teaching carried out by the PKU faculty member, shall be met by the research funds of the PSU faculty exchange partner.

4.       These arrangements and opportunities shall be regularly made known to all faculty members in the department. Applications for exchanges shall be assessed by the department head in consultation with the policy committee. Not all available funds need be awarded in a given year, and no awards need be made at all if the committee judges that applications of sufficient quality were not forthcoming.