Enrollment in Coursework Post-Comprehensive Exam

Current Departmental policy states that beginning the semester after a Ph.D. candidate completes their Oral Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination, the Ph.D. student will be enrolled in MATH 601, full-time thesis research.

The Graduate Studies Committee has reviewed this policy and found that Ph.D. students who are enrolled in a graduate minor program may have the need to enroll in additional courses to complete the requirements for their minor program.  It was also found that students may need to enroll in additional courses, at the suggestion of their thesis adviser, in order to complete studies associated with their thesis research.

The Graduate Studies Committee would like to provide graduate students with the option of enrolling in these additional courses as required.  The process would need to be closely monitored to ensure that the additional courses are necessary and that sufficient grant-in-aid funds are available.  Therefore, students requesting to enroll in 601 + 3 credits will complete the required form (available from Becky) to be enrolled in the extra course.  This form will also need to have the approval of their thesis adviser.

The application should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the beginnig of the semester.

  • Students who need to register for a course to complete a minor will have priority.
  • Advisor recommendations and course enrollments will be considered in prioritizing subsequent applications.
  • A maximum of 2 semesters of 601+3 will be granted.