Duration of Support for Graduate Students

When a new graduate student is accepted they will normally receive an offer from the department which includes five years of support.  (This support may comprise some combination of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships, and grant money, and the source of support may be adjusted from year to year during the five year period.)

When the five year period has expired, a student who has not completed his/her degree program may apply (through his/her adviser) to the Associate Head for Graduate Studies for an additional year of support.  The grant of such support is at the discretion of the Associate Head.  If such additional support is granted it may be on less favorable terms than in the preceding years (e.g. increased teaching requirement, reduced stipend).  In considering whether to grant such additional support, and if so on what terms, the Associate Head may take into account the extent to which the student’s stipend and tuition costs during the previous five years have been defrayed other than from departmental funds.

Support beyond the sixth year will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.