Courtesy Appointment Policy

A “courtesy” academic title is one that is not accompanied by a budget assignment.  With the permission of the dean, the Mathematics Department may appoint a faculty member in another department to a “courtesy” title in Mathematics.  The procedures below should be followed.


1.                  A proposed courtesy appointment requires a sponsor from the Mathematics Department’s regular faculty.  The sponsor should prepare a proposal which will be reviewed by the Personnel Committee.  Under normal circumstances this proposal will contain the candidate’s CV, supporting letters from the sponsor and possibly other faculty members, and a description of the actual commitment that the proposed courtesy faculty member will have to the department (e.g. cross-listed courses, student advising, joint seminars, etc.)

2.                  The Personnel Committee should review the proposal and determine whether it meets appropriate academic standards and whether the appointment will be advantageous to the department.  In recommending an appointment the Personnel Committee shall also recommend the title to be granted. Note that terms such as “affiliate professor” or “titular professor” cannot be used.  We can change someone’s title from, say, “Associate Professor of Physics” to “Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics”. 

3.                  If the proposal is approved, the department head will contact the candidate, and his/her department head and dean, seeking permission to make the appointment.  To become official, the appointment must be processed through IBIS by the candidate’s home department and college.  Both department heads and their deans must sign off on the appointment.