Colloquium Attendance Policy for Graduate Students

Effective Fall Semester 2012, the Mathematics Department Colloquium will take place during the 03:35-04:25 class period on Thursdays (length of talk: 50 minutes). 

Students years one (1) through the semester of the Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive Examination are required to attend at least 12 colloquium talks each academic year.  Four (4) of the talks may be substituted by Departmental Seminars.  First-year students (only) may substitute MASS colloquium talks for some of the required Departmental Colloquium talks.

Students post-comprehensive are required to attend six (6) colloquium talks with NO substitutions.

 Attendance will be taken to enforce this requirement.

Teaching schedules will be arranged to facilitate attendance at Colloquium by graduate students. However, the Director of Graduate Studies may grant exemptions to the attendance requirement in cases of unavoidable conflict.