Nomination for Undergraduate Teaching Awards in Mathematics

Nomination or supporting letter for the
Mary Lister McCammon and Donald C. Rung Awards for
Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching In Mathematics

Nomination deadline: March 31, 2020. Please give any supporting materials that you cannot upload here to Stephanie Zerby in 107MB.

Who can be nominated: All teaching assistants, instructors, and faculty in the Department of Mathematics. (Typically this award is bestowed on an individual only once, but exceptions can be made.)

Criteria: Exemplary teaching of mathematics courses, preferably at the freshman and sophomore level.

Nomination Package

  • Must include a letter of nomination by a teaching assistant, instructor, faculty member, or student. You may nominate yourself. (Type or upload your letter below.)
  • May include:
    • letters from students (students may use the box below to write a letter),
    • typical comments from students on evaluation forms,
    • examples of (successful) innovation in the classroom,
    • any other evidence of exemplary teaching.
Nominator's Information
Nominee's Information