Boyd A. and Bernice K. Mullen Award

This scholarship was established in 2006 by Gary Mullen, a long-time departmental faculty member in honor of his parents, Boyd A. and Bernice K. Mullen.

Recipients are:

  • 2018   Raymond Friend and Sebastian Rauch
  • 2017   Miranda Auhl and Hannah Pohlmann
  • 2016   Miranda S. Auhl and Michael T. Fogarty
  • 2015   Bridget Backer and Cameron A. Kellock
  • 2014   Steven Styer and Lauren Valdivia
  • 2012   Andrew Bydlon and Ping Zhao
  • 2011   Jacqueline Luff and Jeffery McMahon
  • 2010   Nicole Horrigan and Sasha Slipak
  • 2009   Jennifer Ober and Jeffrey Conway