Leonhard Euler Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1999 by Science alumnus, George Bergey (1961 BS Phys), in honor of the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler.

Recipients are:

  • 2018   Helal El-Zaatari, Yifei Xiao, Jinyang Wu and Stephen Thornton
  • 2017   Catherine Babecki and Yuefei Shen
  • 2016   Matthew D. Easton and Michael Evans
  • 2015   Yungbok Lee and Robert Lumpkin
  • 2014   Yancy Liao and Zachary Snyder
  • 2012   Nicole Butera, Lindsay Eisenhut, Mathhew Jaffe and Leah McNamara
  • 2011   John Dougherty and Qiyuan Li
  • 2010   Bryan Gillespie and Brandon Herman
  • 2009   Brandon Herman and Vincent Del Prince